Welcome to a New Decade


Welcome to the new decade everyone. Hard to believe that 10 years ago, MESI Games was nothing more than a pipe dream (as well as having gone under a billion different names)

While I hope to make this a very productive decade, I should at least set some goals for this year:

  • Complete the Kenji route of Where the White Doves Rest [The demo I still hope to finish soon. Its just the art assets that are taking forever to draw up]
  • Release Happy Hour [The full version should release within the next month or two, provided no issues crop up. Out of everything here, it’s the one thats most guaranteed.]
  • Begin writing Death Rule: Killing System [I’ve done the intro but I need to do more before actually starting production for it.]

The New 10’s marked the beginning of MESI Games, and I hope this decade marks our rise.

…Assuming You Make It Out Alive

Hey there people, it’s been a long while since we’ve updated this place. If you follow me on Twitter or on Itch you probably know I haven’t been as dead as this place appears to be. So why don’t I give a rundown of what’s to come.


Coming in late November of this year, a demo for Where the White Doves Rest: Kokoroiyashi will be released. For those not in the know, Kokoroiyashi will cover Kenji’s route, and through him we’ll discover the answer to some of the mysteries surrounding not only the Kagemori family, but also Akasakura itself. With this release, I’m trying to get the new sprites done but if I’m unable to have them ready by the deadline, I’ll update this demo as soon as possible.


And since I am a masochist, a new short game will be released during this year’s BaraJam: Where the White Doves Rest: Happy Hour. The synopsis for this game is as follows:

Welcome to Alley Cat, your (drunken) home away from home. You had hoped to drown the stress of work and bore the bartender to tears, but it seems someone’s taken up your favorite seat. The (to be frank, handsome) man responsible promises to make up for the inconvenience if you humor him and answer a few questions correctly.
It shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

This particular title will focus on a younger Rintaro in an alternate universe, one free of the troubles he experienced in the mainline. And while reading Where the White Doves Rest: Tsumihanseishi isn’t required to enjoy the bulk of this game, those of you who have played it will find plenty of callbacks to the game. (And, perhaps, maybe some answers to certain questions…)

Well, that’s all the major announcements I had for you guys. While I’ll try and keep this blog updated, you can find more frequent updates on Twitter, where I occasionally share progress about certain projects.

Until next time!

The kids meal tragedy will continue even in the demo, I promise you all that.

The Road to the Heartmending Chapter


Hello there people, been a while since I last posted here. I’ve been keeping busy since we last talked. And totally not wasting time like playing Kingdom Hearts or Apex Legends.

Anyways, this update is just to get you guys up to speed what’s been going in in regards to the 2nd chapter of Where the White Doves Rest: The Heartmending Chapter.




First thing’s first, with the jam over I’ve been overhauling a few things. One of these is the UI. The original was basically a modified version of Renpy’s default UI. This new one tries its best to fit the flavor of the game.



Second is overhauling the sprites. The first of these updated sprites is the focus character of our last chapter, The Sin-Reflection Chapter: Rintaro. Now you may notice that last outfit in the bottom image. Well, for those of you who have played Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition will be able to choose to have the characters change their default outfits to that of the characters from Death Rule. This is what that Outfit Type option in that screenshot of the Options screens will do.

There’s also some stuff I can’t physically show, such as writing. But if things go well, I expect the 2nd chapter to be out by April. See you next time!

Twin Release


This December, MESI Games is proud to present to you two games:

First is Patch 2.22 of Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition, the definitive version of the game. Return to the island of death, and prepare yourself for the uncertain future.

The second game is a newcomer to the MESI lineup, Where the White Doves Rest: Tsumihanseishi, the first arc of WtWDR’s storyline. Welcome to the town of Hanagawa, and remember to stay away from Akasakura.

After almost a year without any news, it brings me great pleasure to present these both to you all. Enjoy them, as we enjoyed making them and I hope that 2019 is a fruitful as this year.

Double Trouble


Hello there people. It’s been awhile sine we’ve seen one another. I hope the time we’ve spent away has treated you well. Anyways, this post is a double announcement! The first is the scheduled release of Patch 2.2 for Death Rule: lost code OVERDRIVE Edition. The second is the release of a demo for a personal project I (Hijiri) have undertaken for BaraJam called Where the White Doves Rest. Both of these are scheduled to release on November 30th of this year. Check below the cut for more details on these things!

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Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition ver. 2.21 Notes

Hey there, sorry for the delay on the patch, been a busy few months. Below the cut is what 2.21 will do once its finished so you guys know what to expect. When 2.21 is released, major updates for Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition will end. That means that no more patches will be released for it, except to cover any critical issues that may arise from the release of 2.21. Anyways, onto the notes!

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And Now For Something Different…

Hello there, today I don’t have anything specifically regarding our releases (Although I can promise you something WILL be coming in the next 8 days) but a special announcement from MESI Games’ local artist, Mukuro:

DJVg-YcU8AAZtEE.jpg large

Gene Codex: Genesis

Synopsis– Aside from having no memory of his family, Seth is just an ordinary kid. However after suffering a near death experience from falling off a clock tower, Seth finds himself in a odd world. Here, he meets a mysterious witch who gives him a device to that allows him to travel back in time, farther than even his own death.
With this new found power, Seth hopes that he’ll be able to find his lost family by going through time. However, there seems to be more to this than the witch is letting on.
After all, one can’t travel in time without there being consequences.

As shown in the preview image, the expected release date is somewhere in 2018. It should be noted that this game will not be a straight up visual novel. It will be an RPG Maker game in the likes of titles like Mad Father, Corpse Party, and others. I hope you’ll be eager to join Seth on his journey through space and time.

Until death time!

The End is Nigh


Well, it’s been a long time coming but we’re ready to move into the final parts of Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition‘s development. The following is more or less the timeline of what will come next:


  • Currently: Finish coding Untold Stories and a few important menus.
  • Late July/Early August: Begin beta-testing
  • Late August: Release Overdrive Edition version 2.01*
  • October: Release Overdrive Edition version 2.2*

What’s 2.01 and 2.2?

Version 2.01 will just be the basic release of the game, including the new Episode and the changes to the other ones. it will be missing the Extras Menu except for the Archive (A section containing extra information on Characters, the Committee, and the world). Version 2.2 will have the reintroduction of the Music Room, CG Gallery, and the Extra Scenes. Why this odd choice? Mainly to stop the delays. My primary goal was to finish the core parts of the game, and that’s what 2.01 is. Everything else is secondary to that.

This has been 3 years in the making, and in that time I’ve changed a lot. This game has also changed a lot. You may not notice it if you’re new to the MESIverse, but believe me when I say that even the characters in this story have gone through a lot since the first release. Whether you’re a new Player looking to explore the Committee’s Last Game, or a returning escapee looking back on the island of death, I hope Overdrive will be as enjoyable for you to read as it was for me to write it.

On another note, we’re still looking for beta testers. So far I only have 2 who’ve volunteered! Don’t hesitate to email us at mesistaff@outlook.com, send us a PM on Tumblr or tweet me specifically on Twitter at @Echelon_EK.