February Recap


Alright, now that we’re settled in a bit more its time to go over what’s been done and what needs to be done. Hopefully this will get you people up to speed.

The Blog
Considering that the Vnovel site got nuked from orbit, I’ve been slowly but surely bringing all the old stuff back while editing or outright changing things. Since we lost…a lot, it will take a while before things are where I want them here on the site. So be prepared to see changes everywhere.

Death Rule: Lost CodeOverdrive Edition
Despite being delayed far more than I’d like, Overdrive is still chugging along. One of the things that’s really keeping it delayed is the fact that since all of MESI’s releases will feature the same world, I have to make sure that the canon is properly enforced in Overdrive as well. So that means edits have been thrown left and right. If anything, this might give people who played the original release an excuse to replay the old parts.

Aeternam Conquest: Judgment
This is still alive. Despite me hardy talking about it, I do have stuff done for it. But trust me, there’s a reason I don’t really wanna talk about it much.

Alight, briefing done. If you guys have any questions you can always shoot them at me on Twitter or our Tumblr. Until next time!


….oh, you’re wondering about those idiots on top, huh? All in good time (by which I mean come back in 2 weeks when they have more company).

I wonder who of those three is your favorite though?

Pardon our dust…


Welcome to the new MESI Games blog. This is where I’ll be posting updates from now on. If you still have the old vnovel site in your bookmarks, please change it accordingly.

It’ll take awhile to get back up to speed but I promise we should be up and running properly by the end o the month!